Session 22 – Full-stack Web Development Course (Cohort 2)

Start of the class

GitHub Session 1 – Instructor Charles

Today, our students began with their GitHub lesson with Instructor Charles. This was the first (1st) session of learning GitHub and marked the beginning of the GitHub lessons.

What was covered in today’s session?

Some of the topics and things looked at in the GitHub Session with the Instructor included but were not limited to:

Topics looked at – GitHub Session

  • What is GitHub
  • How is Git related to GitHub
  • How GitHub works
  • What are repositories as related to GitHub
  • How to create a remote repo
  • How to clone a remote repo

And many more other points were looked at in the session.

Touch typing Session – Instructor Ronald

After the Cron session with Instructor Charles, the students had a break of 10 minutes from 10:50 AM to 11:00 PM and then come back to the zoom class and the Touch typing session began with Instructor Ronald.

Here is the progress of the students in their touch typing:

  • Wasswa Male Enock – Completed all the Touch typing modules
  • Nakayiza Kevina – On module 473 of Touch-typing
  • Ahimbisibwe Jesca – On module 550 of Touch-typing
  • Tugume Hastings – On module 440 of Touch-typing
  • Nanteza Nuriat – On module 312 of Touch-typing
  • Kasaija Marvin – On module 113 of Touch-typing
  • Kwaga Winnie – On module 493 of Touch-typing


  • Poor internet network connection on the side of some of the students.
  • Some of the students arrived late.


Overall this session was a success. We shall start from there tomorrow and ensure to start from where we left off.

Thank you for reading.

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